About Us

Let me unlock the door to another dimension…

A dimension of not only of sight and sound, but of mind.

It is a place between light and shadow where lies the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge.

This is the dimension of imagination.

Welcome to the world of Michael ‘Muj’ Myers.

For those who like the genre, a good horror movie arouses a cocktail of chemistry in the cerebral cortex (the part of the brain that controls memory, perception and consciousness) it doesn’t get any better than John Carpenter’s 1978 movie, HALLOWEEN.

Based on the movies’ iconic deranged killer ‘Michael Myers’, I transport myself into his shoes by wearing the perfect outfit and donning a unique replica mask sculpted from the original iconic 1978 movie to hide my identity - coupled with a beautiful lifelike prop 12” knife; I bring to life ‘The Shape’ crossing the boundaries of the big screen into the realms of your next project.

I can be used in many ways to entertain, help attract attention – may it be at a product launch, a film premier, just to mix and mingle, photo shoots and parties for that desired celebrity horror impact - to keep people talking about an event or business campaign.

By studying the complete mannerisms of this horror icon, I can professionally portray and emulate perfectly all the characteristics of the soulless, evil psychopath to induce, and stimulate fear with my presence in any location…

What began in 1995 as a series of cinema scare gags during Halloween week at the local movie theatre, my uploaded videos have not only gone viral on the internet but have been aired on numerous Television video prank shows across the globe.


FAQ on Pricing:

  • My Personal appearance fees are quoted based on a preferred time period and venue. Fees are negotiated and contracts will be put in place to cover all parties involved. Travel costs will be added to the fee at cost price if applicable.
  • Please note, that a written confirmation is needed for each booking.
  • Cancellations fees are applicable and can be seen via our terms and conditions.



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“… and remember, the next scream you hear may be your own!”